We are delighted that you have chosen to visit our website and are interested in our brand and our products. We take the task of protecting your personal data seriously, because we attach a great deal of importance to safeguarding your privacy when processing your personal data. Nordzucker AG processes any personal data that has been collected as a result of users visiting our websites in accordance with the provisions of data protection law that apply in the country where the entity responsible for data processing is based. The website for Nordzucker’s ambrosia bee food may contain links to other providers’ websites which are not bound by this data protection declaration.

Collection and processing of personal data

Whenever you visit our websites, our web servers save the following information as standard: the IP address assigned to you by your internet service provider, the website from which you have reached us, which of our websites you visit, the type of browser you use and the date and duration of your visit. Personal data is only saved if you have provided such data of your own accord, e.g. as part of registering for our newsletter or in a survey.

Use and disclosure of personal data and use for a specific purpose

Nordzucker only uses your personal data in order to perform technical administration of its websites, for customer administration, product surveys and marketing activities, in each case to the extent required for the purpose in question and permitted by law. Personal data shall only be transferred to government institutions and authorities within the scope of mandatory national legal provisions. We have placed our employees under the obligation to maintain confidentiality. Personal data will only be passed on to entities that operate our server or render specific services, by way of example. This will be done only for a specific purpose for the purpose of order processing in accordance with provisions under data protection law. Such entities are located in Germany and in other EU countries. Nordzucker has placed these under the obligation to treat personal data in accordance with data protection regulations by means of contractual duties and data protection requirements.

Application-related data

The answers and information you provide as part of an online application are stored for up to three months along with your name when the application process has been completed. Any ongoing recruitment procedures extend the storage deadline until they are completed.

Applications for advertised vacancies (direct applications)

If you have made an application in response to a specific job vacancy, the relevant company department and the Human Resources department have access to your data.

Applications for non-specific positions (pro-active applications)

If you have sent Nordzucker a pro-active application that does not refer to a a specific job vacancy, Nordzucker will send your data to the Group Human Resources department to check whether there are any job vacancies which match your qualifications.


Nordzucker is particularly vigilant about the protection of the private sphere of children. If we become aware that persons are under the age of 13, we do not process or use any information on this person on our website without the prior verifiable authorisation of one of their legal guardians. The legal guardians have the right to request access to the information provided by their child, and have the right to demand that this data is erased.


Cookies are small text files used on the ambrosia website. Google Analytics cookies automatically record how the website in question is used. Cookies are saved on the device you use to visit our website during this visit (computer, smartphone, etc.)
The relevant data is saved for the sole purpose of improving website quality, accessibility of content and service, and in order to provide customer support to those visiting our website. Although this data may be published from time to time, this publication takes place in a statistical format that is not personalized and cannot be traced, for instance in the form of the total number of visitors to our website.
We kindly ask that you enable cookies on our website – in doing so, you are helping us to improve your user experience and the experience of other users visiting our website.

Further information on cookies and Google Analytics

Enabling and disabling cookies

If you no longer wish to have cookies from this website on your computer, now or at some point in the future, you can simply change your browser settings yourself (you can find this function under “Privacy” and “Settings – Cookies” or similar; the names depend on the browser you use). You can also usually decide whether you do not want to enable any cookies whatsoever or whether you only want to disable third-party cookies.
If you decide not to enable any cookies on your computer/smartphone/end device, you will still enjoy the same level of access to the ambrosia website that you would have had if you had accepted the cookies. The only impact that disabling cookies will have is a reduction in the amount of precise statistical data for internal evaluation and in the amount of background information available to Nordzucker, which the latter can use to your benefit in the medium term.

Learn more about how to delete cookies on this web page

What happens if you don’t accept cookies from Nordzucker’s websites?

Should you choose to disable cookies on your device you will have exactly the same access to Nordzucker’s websites as with cookies enabled, it will only result in less accurate usage figures for Nordzucker’s own internal reports and less background information for us to learn from.

If you have any questions about Nordzucker’s use of cookies, please contact Nordzucker.


Nordzucker uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the data you provide from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized individuals. Where personal data is collected and processed, the information is encrypted before it is transferred to prevent the data from being abused by third parties. We continuously update our safety measures in line with technological progress.

Right to information/ Right of revocation

You have the right to request information at any time about the data that has been saved about you as an individual, the origin of this data origin and its recipients, as well as the purpose of data processing. The data protection officer (see below) can provide information about the data stored. The data protection officer is also on hand to handle any complaints concerning data protection. Furthermore, you are free to revoke your consent to the use of your personal data at any time with effect for the future, for which sending an email to the email address specified in the legal notice or to the named data protection officer will suffice.


If you have any questions, suggestions or similar ideas concerning data protection, please contact the data protection officer at Nordzucker AG by calling +49 (0) 531 2411 0 or sending an email to Datenschutz{@}nordzucker[.]de.