Power food for your most diligent co-workers

ambrosia® offers you a bee food of utmost purity and digestibilty. ambrosia® ready-to-use bee food is based on saccharine, tailored to the special needs of bees and as close as possible to their natural diet. ambrosia® recipe stands for low energy intake and digestibility plus maximum utilization of feed value. ambrosia® is easy handled, ready-to-use and comes in a variety of packaging options. The certified production facility guarantees continuous high quality product. ambrosia@ is hygenic and has a long shelf life, and ambrosia® has proven successful in over 35 years.

ambrosia® bee food syrup

  • special recipe is as close as possible to natural bee diet
  • easy intake protects energy balance
  • ideal for early and late winter feed

ambrosia® bee food fondant

  • micro-fine sugar crystals can be easily ingested
  • optimal for building nucleus colonnies
  • recommended for queen breeding in MWK and EWK